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Matriculation's Life
28 Apr 2016 | 05:12 | 0 comment(s)

Its almost a year we spend together
There's a cry, a laugh, a concern scene...

All I wanna say is
for being part of my matriculation's life

At first
I try to adapt with u guys
Its hard for me to cope with it
since u guys are so different
Plus I'm a shy girl

But as days go by
We get really close to each other
We shared the same concerns
We console each other
We try to advice to each other for their own good

We're like one big family
We're different
But the different itself make it more special to us
I rarely see 
any class with main races to get work together
And we is the special one

Thank you guys for being my classmate...
I'm gonna remember every each of you

# I'll try to remember the nice of you
NOT the bad of you #

A Lifetime Events
5 Mar 2016 | 07:19 | 0 comment(s)

As a matriculation student
I admit its kinda busy + bunches of homeworks + "forever alone"
"Forever alone"? haha... *ignore it*
theres no time to think about other things...hurmmmm
but there is a good thing from that since I can focus more on study
INDEED, I didnt focus 100% thou... *uhuks uhuks*

Many events occured for the past few months..
Well, let me start with face painting + *not so awesome* GALA NIGHT

Im the painter and she's the model

I admit its VERY not so beautiful...Indeed!
But thanks to my beautiful model 
to give me strength along the competition..huhu
Well, its an experience to be learnt
I took it as a challenge and....
*^ thats the result... >,<*

And the night is the Masquerade Night
Every student must wear a mask to match with the theme...Yup!
At first I was so thrilling waiting fot the night
But when its began,
My hopes fell apart
Its not as awesome as I thought it would be! Urgh!
Theres only a simple event with nothing extravagance....
Was I hoping too much?
I dont know.... -,-

thats the pic....

And thats the end for now

10 Feb 2016 | 04:13 | 0 comment(s)



I've just reset my phones cause it keeps annoying me
It keeps restarting on its own
It really gets on my nerve
I guess its better to reset it

Talking about RESET
We often make mistakes in our life
It doesnt matter either its big or small mistakes
People just see it as mistakes
And eventually they thinks WE ARE THE MISTAKE

Lets reset our life to a better one
We dont have to listen to others mockery
You know yourself better
Its tiring to do things told by others

So, lets take the challenge
to reset our mistakes to the right things
And be a better person to ourself



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