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Sem 2
10 Mar 2017 | 21:56 | 0 comment(s)
Assalamualaikum wbt

Im starting my 2nd semester.
Its seem too familiar with it and much more easier for me to handle.
I guess its because its just a week that Ive started sem 2.

I hope I can go through it well
If its supposed for me to face the obstacles,
I just wish Allah swt can give me courage to face it 
and make it easier for me to handle it.

Adios ~ ~ ~

...Real Life Student...
18 Nov 2016 | 20:50 | 1 comment(s)

Assalamualaikum wbt

First of all,
Its been almost 3 months 
Ive been living in UITM Shah Alam
I have to admit that 
I'll never get the chance to save money
since there're so many resource places 
for me to shop!!!

I've started to shop online too!!!
Its not good! I KNOW!!!

Please to myself to not overshopping 
And not to be shopaholicc!!

One more thing
Living in a new place really teach you a lot
Not everybody being nice to you
That's what we call society

Some of them just being nice on the surface
Some of them just ignored you 
like you're useless to them
and some of them are also being nice to you 
because you're being nice to them

In my opinion 
Just be yourself
DONT get too carried away 
with those things
It gives no worth for you

Keep moving on
Keep it up!

I guess thats all for now..

Adios ~ ~ ~

A Fresh New Start
2 Oct 2016 | 16:27 | 0 comment(s)
Assalamualaikum n good evening...

Image result

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
As for my name 
Just call me Ayu

#just kidding#

A fresh new start?
As Im here for about a month already
I admit everything seems quite new to me
But it doesnt mean I cant adapt with it

I am now UiTM Shah Alam student!!!
In Bachelor of Chemistry (Forensic Analysis)
for part 1!!!

I guess everyone gonna think of CSI?
Well...same to me thou...
I like CSI New York more!!

Image result
*This one is CSI... not CSI:NY*

But when our seniors gave an explanation 
regarding that thought
They just said...

Means,we are only responsible to analise the data/cases
Its not like we're gonna operate the corpse and see what's in it

I really wish we gonna get the chance thou
But I guess we're gonna adventure in different alleys

But Its ok!
Since thats not the only focus for me
I just participated in Zombie Run
Well, actually its Charity Fun Run 2016
Its fun since we got chased by the Unscary-Zombies
I have to admit I cant blame them for not being too scary
They just throw a balloons of water on us
And maybe some powders..
But its so much fun
When else could I experience those things??

    *with Nik*

And one more important thing
As I am staying at Shah Alam
There's so many malls here
I have to save up
Or else, I have to start my strict diet at the end of the month!!!

Image result

Well I guess thats all for now
Infinite - Thank You

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