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Honeycomb yg lazaT.......!
19 Aug 2011 | 16:19 | 2 comment(s)
tgh hari tdi FAZ tgok MASTER CHEF yg ong putih punyerrr...
die tunjuk cara nk buat honey comb!!!
wau! hasilnyer,mmg melazatkan!!!
ah! runtuh iman puasa aku!!
okay! bahan-bahannyer adlah...:
  • 1 / 4 cawan air
  • 1 1 / 2 cawan gula
  • 1 / 4 cawan sirap jagung cahaya atau glukosa jagung berasaskan
  • 1 sudu besar serbuk penaik, diayak
  • 15ml-pre-made/pre-set gelatin
  • gula aising
okay! cara-caranya plak!..:(sorry,dlam bahasa inggeris...)

  • Prepare a large baking tray covered with baking paper and sprinkled with icing sugar.

  • Stir water sugar and glucose in a medium sized, heavy based saucepan. Clip a candy thermometer to the side of the saucepan.

  • At a medium heat, without stirring, bring the mixture to the boil being careful not to burn the sugar. Feel free to scrape down the sides of saucepan with a wet pastry brush if needed.

  • Continue to boil the mixture until its reached 300 degrees F or 150 degrees C. It should be a very pale straw colour.

  • Remove from heat then add the set gelatin mixture. The mixture will rise and froth but don't be alarmed. continue to stir until the mixture reduces back down to a now thicker syrup.

  • Add baking soda and stir into mixture continuously. The gelatin slows down the reaction but the mixture will begin to froth. keep stirring.

  • When the mixture starts to separate as you stir. Turn the mixture onto a tray covered with non stick baking paper and also sprinkled with icing sugar.

  • Spreading out the mixture: To make the most of our honeycomb we need to spread it out. Spreading it out also helps to reduce the larger forming air bubbles. OK, so sprinkle the top of the honeycomb with more icing sugar and using a long spatula gently and slowly spread out the honeycomb to about 1 inch high.

  • Once you are happy with the size you can leave it to cool. I'm not sure what the best method for cooling is. fast or slow. The image above is one that I cooled in the fridge which happen to reduce in size. I would have thought a faster cooling would have caused it to set quicker or maybe I just spread it out too thin. Feel free to experiment with this recipe. This was my first successful attempt with gelatin, so more or less gelatin may provide a better result.

  • The icing sugar does wonders for the honeycomb. Makes it easier to handle and just adds so much to the taste. For a Violet Crumble try covering in melted chocolate then cool to set.

  • Then add a comment and tell us how you went. 

  • credit to: My Recipe
    *mcam kaju jerr...*

    *bley brbagi ngan family or lover..hahahha*

    okay! tu jerr cara2nya,
    sedapkan...hahah (wlaupon x rser lgi..)
    selamat mencuba!

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