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Note For You!
1 Aug 2011 | 17:27 | 2 comment(s)
Today,i want to tell to you something!

To whose that already taken my heart....
i hope you understand this...

I have to forget you as soon as possible....
theres more i like you,
theres more my heart broke one by one...
its happen coz,
i start relize that you don't have any feeling to me.....
i do this coz i know...
i'm not perfect enough for you...
i'll will back off so you can live.....
i'm also relize that you are in love with some one...
i can't stop that feeling from you..
that yourself....

Every time i met you accidently,
i'm try to not look at you...
i'm try to stay relax.....
i'm try ignore you from my sight....
i'm try to not smiling on you....
i'm try to run away from you...
i'm try to FORGET YOU!
don't misunderstand about that...
but,its up to you if think i'm do whatever thing when we met,
its up to you if you think i hate you or...whatever...
All i write this is sincere from me,from of what i feel right now...

And to whose that had feeling with me....,
i hope you understand that i don't like you!
once i sad I DO NOT LIKE YOU!
its same., i still DO NOT LIKE YOU~!!!

I already said to you in FB that i 'add' you in fb,
its doesn't mean anything!
i'm just 'add' you!
don't be so......unconscious
Its still not working if you tell to all of your friends that you like me.!
hope you understand!
and please don't make any stories that said i'm like you!
the fact is,i really do not like you!
please find another women..
I am not worthy for you (aku x layak utk kau!)
hope you understand what i said~!

nota kecil:~ ~ ~!
               :orang yg saya suka dngn org yg saya benci tu berlainan 
                don't misunderstand about that especially kpd 
                org yg sye benci!!! :


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