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Tutorial Photoscape
19 Dec 2011 | 10:39 | 0 comment(s)
Dalam minggu ney terasa nak edit gambar plak!
so,sesape nk edit jgak,jom kiter try!

So,first skali of courselaa bukak photoscape tu dulu...
then tekan EDITOR..

Then,korang ambik laa mne pic korg yg nak edit tu..
pastu start edit picture!

1.pergi kat Bloom>Low

2.lpas tu korg pergi kt Backlight>(+/-)50% (Default)

3.Then korang pergi Sharpen>2

4.Pastu korang prgi kat Bright,Colour>Saturation Curve

(Bengkokkan lebih kurg mcam tu laa)

5.Then korg prgi ke Filter>Film Effect>Velvia-Middle

6.Kemudian,korg prgi plak ke Filter>Distorts>Illusion>1
(Illusion tu korg nk buat lebih pon xpe,suka hti korglaa...)

7.Siap! nk Frame pon xpe!



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