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Dont Say Goodbye!
7 Nov 2012 | 17:44 | 0 comment(s)

Assalamualaikum kepada para sahabat...

i wanna say something to my buddies!...
so,that you all will never think that today is the ending of our precious friendship...!!!

Dont say goodbye...
because we will seeing each other again next year!
so,dont you ever dare to say those rediculous thing!
we will never split up if Allah wills it....

Dearest friends,
our friendship is based on ourself...
not because of money,GADGET....and so on....
we are NOT like the proverb,an empty purse frightens away friends...
its because of we are meant to be best friends each other...

We share and solve our problems together,
like the saying,many hands make light work,
so that,we will feel the feelings together...
when one of us got upset,
we will brighten her..
because we are friends....!
like the saying,a friend in need is a friend indeed

dont say goodbye.....
just say tatatattata..heheheh...different with goodbye,right!

(:listen here:)

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