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Unforgettable Memory....
14 Nov 2012 | 19:27 | 0 comment(s)
Assalamualaikum w.b.t.....

Guess what!?
yesterday,i went to "La Hot Spring!!!"
well,at first i thought it was wasting my time since i missed watching my FAVOURITE drama because of that!!!

BUT do u know what?
this trip was very unforgettable memory #since i slipped MANY times there!!#
this trip strengthen my sisters relationship and my aunties!!!!
Oooooo~~~~! i loved that moment when we splashed the water to each other!!!

Then,after changing the clothes,
the raining started to fall down to the earth....
it was raining cats and dogs....
we rushed to nearest surau there to pray....

Then,the journey to go home started....
but before that,we went to Econjaya....
we were so happy~~~~!!
we planned to eat at KFC but be cancelled
because my mom might cook already at home...
so,we ate at home...

At night,
my aunties told us the horror stories~~~!!!!
wooOOOOOO!! seriously!???
"I DONT WANT TO REMEMBER IT FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
it made me couldnot sleep well that night!

Then,my aunties left that night cause they had to go work on the next day...
we would miss you then!

Thats my story for yesterday!!
hope you all like it... :)



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