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A Miracle A Day
13 Apr 2015 | 21:14 | 0 comment(s)

Today was one of the day which I was waiting for
I could check the result of matriculation

And Alhamdulillah
I got offered at one of the institutions
But still
Im not sure to accept the offer or not

As I heard so far
There're many seniors said that matriculation choice is pretty tough
We only need to study for one year but in "hell"
The module study there are quite hard

I heard a lot of students there quitted study there
and continued study other place such as diploma / form 6 / etc

I still found it hard to study in science class even for two years ( form 4&5)
So, there's no guarantee that I can finish study at matriculation for only one year
Especto Ridiculus for me!

So I guess
This choice doesnt list in my option study
I'd rather choose diploma thou...

Am I wrong?

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