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The Success Isn't Everything
11 Apr 2015 | 18:59 | 0 comment(s)

Assalamualaikum wbt...
As the title goes
'the success wasn't everything'
we always think that success is the priority in our life
such as the success in getting a job, the success in married life

Those success may seem easier for us to conquer
but without 'Redha' of Allah SWT
its all become nothing...
its like a dust that easily being blow by the wind

It is 'Redha' of Allah SWT
which we should ask for... 

We keep implying that success can make us happy for good
but how about if that success only give us just a merely good dream?
Such as, for some people a success in business is a big good thing to them
After a while, they are covered by the success they get until they forget how to thank Him.

Mankind always forget...

But it doesn't mean we can excuse us for that reason
we have to work hard to earn 'Redha' of Allah SWT

Some people may think this kind of advice is such a waste
but only a briliant people that act to it
and work hard to correct themselves.

#Remember, the death doesn't come without our knowledge
we can die at anytime if He wants..
we still awake from a sleep because He gives us a chance to repentance ourselves#

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