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An experience To Be Learnt
2 Jan 2016 | 03:00 | 0 comment(s)
here we met again..

So what Im going to say here..
Last week we were allowed to go home for 4 days..
Its a blessed to us.. *o*

to make a story
I bought a ticket bus from KMPh Kiosk
But since I was afraid 
I might get kick out from matriculation if I got a bad result
I paid installment for the ticket...
As a result
When I paid all the installment
I was put in a group who those will ride this van to go home

I have to admit that at the begin I was reluctanly to ride that thing
But after I got inside that thing
Its surprisingly comfortable...
And the passengers were mostly a girl
Thats a bonus thou since it might be awkward for me if too many man..
But only 1 boy included in our group
So,his only friend was the driver van..

He's quite lucky actually 
because he was surrounded by girls in the van..

Along the journey
I just listened to my mp3..
Sometimes I fell asleep..
Its a normal for everyone thou... -_-"

At times
We watch movies...and sleep.

The most hateful event was 
when the driver smoked in the van while driving with opened window..
The van got stink by that...
We just able to hold it by cover our nose...

An then
At 11.30 pm we arrived at our destination..

Its quite an experience for me thou...
Hak Hak Hak ...

Thats all for now...

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