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A Lifetime Events
5 Mar 2016 | 07:19 | 0 comment(s)

As a matriculation student
I admit its kinda busy + bunches of homeworks + "forever alone"
"Forever alone"? haha... *ignore it*
theres no time to think about other things...hurmmmm
but there is a good thing from that since I can focus more on study
INDEED, I didnt focus 100% thou... *uhuks uhuks*

Many events occured for the past few months..
Well, let me start with face painting + *not so awesome* GALA NIGHT

Im the painter and she's the model

I admit its VERY not so beautiful...Indeed!
But thanks to my beautiful model 
to give me strength along the competition..huhu
Well, its an experience to be learnt
I took it as a challenge and....
*^ thats the result... >,<*

And the night is the Masquerade Night
Every student must wear a mask to match with the theme...Yup!
At first I was so thrilling waiting fot the night
But when its began,
My hopes fell apart
Its not as awesome as I thought it would be! Urgh!
Theres only a simple event with nothing extravagance....
Was I hoping too much?
I dont know.... -,-

thats the pic....

And thats the end for now

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