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A Fresh New Start
2 Oct 2016 | 16:27 | 0 comment(s)
Assalamualaikum n good evening...

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Roses are red 
Violets are blue
As for my name 
Just call me Ayu

#just kidding#

A fresh new start?
As Im here for about a month already
I admit everything seems quite new to me
But it doesnt mean I cant adapt with it

I am now UiTM Shah Alam student!!!
In Bachelor of Chemistry (Forensic Analysis)
for part 1!!!

I guess everyone gonna think of CSI?
Well...same to me thou...
I like CSI New York more!!

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*This one is CSI... not CSI:NY*

But when our seniors gave an explanation 
regarding that thought
They just said...

Means,we are only responsible to analise the data/cases
Its not like we're gonna operate the corpse and see what's in it

I really wish we gonna get the chance thou
But I guess we're gonna adventure in different alleys

But Its ok!
Since thats not the only focus for me
I just participated in Zombie Run
Well, actually its Charity Fun Run 2016
Its fun since we got chased by the Unscary-Zombies
I have to admit I cant blame them for not being too scary
They just throw a balloons of water on us
And maybe some powders..
But its so much fun
When else could I experience those things??

    *with Nik*

And one more important thing
As I am staying at Shah Alam
There's so many malls here
I have to save up
Or else, I have to start my strict diet at the end of the month!!!

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Well I guess thats all for now
Infinite - Thank You

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